Apricot flowers are small white petals with white or slightly flushed petals, and their pulp and nuts are edible.

Apricot can be planted in front of the courtyard, in the corner of the wall, by the road, by the water, or in groups or on the hillside and water. It is the main ornamental tree species in spring. It can be planted by sowing or grafting. Generally, apricots used as medicine are the nuts of apricots. Ripe in early summer. It has a long tree age and can live for more than 100 years. It can not only pick fruits but also enjoy flowers. It plays an important role in fruit tree production and urban beautification. From March to April every year, apricot flower festivals are held in various places, providing a good place for tourists to go out, outings and photography.

The flower language of apricot flowers is a girl's admiration, shyness, and doubt. When spring comes and the breeze blows, apricot flowers bloom one after another. The flowers are delicate and soft, like a young girl, like waiting for love to come, very Shy, with ignorance and doubts. The apricot flower has many meanings, it can mean happiness, it can also mean romance and freedom, it can also mean suspicion, it can also mean spring, beautiful love, a chaste and lovely girl, etc.

The characteristics of apricot flowers are as follows. The color of its flowers has a gradual process, from red when first blooming to snow white when falling. Each of its flowers is composed of about 4-5 petals, and the middle part of the stamen is purple in color and scatters from the inside to the outside. The shape of the petals is round or obovate, powdery to the touch and very smooth.

Apricot flowers are generally planted by grafting. Of course, you can also choose to sow and propagate in autumn and winter before the land freezes. After the cultivated seedlings have grown to a certain height, the sturdy branches can be cut and transplanted. Generally, the suitable height is about 80cm, and the survival rate of such seedlings will be relatively high. Choose to plant in deep and well-drained sandy soil, according to the actual local conditions, and then determine a reasonable row spacing for colonization. If you choose to plant, you need to apply an appropriate amount of decomposed organic fertilizer in the pit before planting. When planting, the root system should be fully stretched, and then the soil should be added lightly and steadily. After planting, the tree hole should be irrigated with water.