Lighthouses are tower-shaped luminous lighthouses built near key parts of the waterway. Modern large lighthouse structures provide good living and communication facilities for managers, but there are also some important lighthouses that are left unguarded.

It is used as a fixed beacon to guide ships or indicate hazardous areas. According to different needs, set different colors of lights and different types of fixed lights or flashes. The light range is generally 15-25 nautical miles.

Construction of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse consists of lamps and a tower body.

The tower body can be built with a variety of building materials, mainly to adapt and resist harsh natural conditions such as wind and waves, so as to maintain its own stability and durability. The height of the tower should be adapted to the requirements of the lighting range.


A lamp consists of two basic parts: the illuminator and the light radiator.

The light energy of modern lighthouses is mainly electricity. The center of the illuminator is located at the focal point of the condenser lens, and the light source radiates spherical light through the condenser lens to become a parallel beam with a certain diffusion angle.

The lighthouse has a range of about 30 nautical miles and a light intensity of hundreds of millions of candles.

There are flashes, fixed lights and light and dark lights. Colors are red, white or green and white. Obstacles in the arc are usually indicated by red and green lights.

The interior setting of the lighthouse.

In order to allow the heat of the light machine to dissipate smoothly, there is a hole in the middle of each floor. The interior of the lighthouse is connected up and down. This hole has also been used in the past as a convenient channel for transporting lamp oil.

In addition, there is a circular fan-shaped vent in the wall in the middle of the lighthouse, which can be turned to open.

The passage from the inside of the lighthouse to the top of the tower is spiral-shaped, gradually narrowing from bottom to top, only one person can pass through, and the narrowest entrance does not even have a chance to turn around. Had to bend over to reach its apex.

The meaning of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse symbolizes the patron saint and sunshine, symbolizing hope, firm and persistent, consistent and never giving up. Lighthouses, for all who sail at night, light the way with fire.

Famous lighthouse.

Promthep cape lighthouse, Thailand.

It is one of the newest lighthouses in the world, with a peculiar appearance and a solid gold top. It was built in 1996 to commemorate King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

You can find it on the southern coast of Phuket and it is also one of the main tourist attractions in Thailand.

Has anyone in your life appeared like a lighthouse?